Mihaela Kerkhof
el Marzo 4, 2021
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Dries van Noten has been devising insightful ways to interact with fashion, using a mixt of film, photography, written and spoken commentary. Its a more reflective approach then ten-minutes-on-the-catwalk-then-off-to-the-next-show, but it still fully acknowledges fashon as a physical experience.
"The first word we said when we thought about the season was emotion " says van Noten. " I was thinking of Piedro Almodovar,the master of exaggerated emotions, and Pina Bausch's choreography and Belgian contemporary dance. And all this theaters are empty, and all this dancers don't know what to do. They need money. So lets see if we can do totality emotions and movement and beauty and happiness and love and anger and fear. So thats how it started " - Autumn/ Winter collection 2021
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