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el Octubre 23, 2021
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We are very excited to present the fruit of our collaboration with the Fifa World cup 2018 champion, former Psg and Juventus player Blaise Matuidi.
The key words of our interpretation of the GMT-Master II were DEPTH, VOLUME and SOPHISTICATION.
For Matuidi's timepiece, we chose to use for the dial and the oscillating weight a matte green rather than a bright green to subtly remind of the lawn of the football stadium. It adds extra elegance to this timepiece.
With the superposition of the Sapphire module of the date and the rest of the movement, we have the visual illusion of having a bigger watch than it actually is, the depth and width of this timepiece is exceptional: it's as if we are moving from a 2D timepiece to a mesmerizing 3D.
Skeleton Concept, Beyond your expectations
Dimension: 1080 x 1080
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