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el Julio 26, 2021
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A beautiful Rolex Daytona modified
Skeleton Concept is coming back with an exclusive 2.0 version of one of their most popular and strong skeletonized concepts.
People requested it, Skeleton Concept accomplished it: The Samuel Eto'o, this time revisited in full solid Rolex Daytona 18 carat gold!
The Carbon bezel and the Gold bracelet accentuates the beautiful skeleton design of the movement. Its deep black color treatment has been adjusted in order to adapt to the 18 carat Gold.
The 45 degree handmade brushing of the top internal parts of the case, reminds us of the pioneering elitist Daytona design codes, giving it a matte finish. On the other hand, the polishing of the external parts of the Gold case and the sides of the case required meticulous attention from the master watchmakers, giving a modern feel to the classic Daytona.
The result is stunning.
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